Similarites between Barrack Obama and Adolf Hitler!!

The Similarites between Obama and Hitler!!?

Obama - has a chain gang Youth Group singing Alpha Omega blindly praising Hussein on Youtube
Hitler - had a Youth Group singing songs of nationalism praising Adolph (Pope Ratzinger was a member)

Obama - was part of the Chicago slumlord regime
Hitler - was part of the Nazi regime

Obama - has Soros and Rothschild as financial backers
Hiteler - had Prescott Bush and Rothschild as financial backers

Obama - tries to conceal his Muslim Faith and Foreign Citizenship by manipulating his Birth Certificate
Mainstream News covers Obama's illegal alien federal felony
Hitler - tries to conceal his Jewish roots by entering Austria and chasing down his Birth Certificate

Obama - Writes a Biography; Barack Obama: What He Believes In
Hitler - Writes a Biography; Mein Kampf: My Struggle

Obama - Writes another Biography; The Audacity of Hope
Hitler - Writes his 2nd Biography; A New World Order

Obama - his Father leaves baby Barry for a professional career (divorces mother)
Hitler - his Father leaves baby Adolph for a professional career (mother dies)

Obama - his real family identity and his name Soetoro gets buried in the media
Hitler - his real family identity and his Jewish name Schickelgruber gets buried in the media

Obama - vote fraud and poll manipulation - ACORN, Propaganda; Obama Girl
Hitler - vote fraud and poll manipulation - Minister Joseph Goebbels control of all News Media

Obama - economy is in a Recession
Hitler - economy was in a Recession

Hmmm... How uncanny!

Are we now living through History? Are we witnessing this the end of Capitalism. Are we Witnessing the end of all our personal liberties and Freedoms? Are we witnessing the end of the United States Of America?

Unfortunately, I think we are , unless something drastic happens very soon.

Both these men want total control over their citizens and the world. Both have the same mindset that they know what is best, even if the majority of the people in their country disagree.

Stay tuned. The real suffering has not yet begun!