Tutorial on TV Capturing, recording & Producing High Quality Videos using VirtualDub!

Hi friends,

TV capturing and producing High quality Videos is very lenghty and tiring process if u dont know anything, and this Tutorial is going to make everything simple for you. It took me six months to learn several aspects of this process. 

Steps before Setting up your TV Tuner.

1. First and very Important step is to confirm that you get Cable Connection directly from the Emplifier and to the max only ONE Split in the connection :).

2. I use PINNACLE PCTV.Experts suggest to go for Pixel View TV Tuner Card so go for it if r planning to purchase a new one.

Settings in TV Tuner.

1. After Installation, run auto channel scan.

2. You can also rename the channles and u watch only selected channels then u can drag them into favourite folder for quick access.

3. You can change colour settings as per your requirement, but I prefer not to change it and let it remain as DEFAULT.

4. Select "2 fields deInterlaced" option in Video Display. This is the MOST IMPORTANT step for clarity of Video.

5. Keep sound recordning level as low as possible. I prefer to keep at 15-20.

6. Capturing is most important part. The higher quality of video u record, higher quality of video u can produce, its as simple as that. 
I record video in DVD MPEG2 format. bitrate 6 Mbits/s and Video size 720 x 576.