Useful Post for Bsnl Users


What it is? 
• R u a BSNL Customer or ur service provider offers u only limited usage…………… if so u can download or upload files automatically with u r absence. 
• BSNL offers free usage between 02:00 AM – 08:00 AM. To set this Process set u r computer as given below…….. 
How it works in Windows XP? 
• It will set the platform in such a way that it will automatically starts u r system @ specified time and start DL/UL the files.
And after finishing of task it will Shutdown @ specified time. 
How to set this process in u r windows XP?Step 1: 
• The Basic thing to do first is to leave CPU Plugged into switch board & UR router/Modem (if any) to put it ON to start it automatically (i.e. U can plug UR CPU & Modem Plugged into UPS). 
• U need to have this software called Auto Power-on & Shut-down to Start u r system @ given time 

get it from here
• Or u can directly wake up u r system @ given time via BIOS settings ( u can set u r bios to start u r system @ given time.. it will be available in Bios > Power settings ) 
• Set the Auto Power-on & Shut-down to start the System use power on option as given below 
• This will start u System @ particular specified time. 
• This will tender u r computer to start @ 02:00 Am with u r Absence. 
• Set the tick as given in the Below Figure. 


Step 2: 
• To connect to internet @ start up u need to have a .bat file. 
• Open notepad & type “rasdial connectionname username password”( no need to give in double quotes). Save as connet.bat by selecting save type as All files. 
• Now place the shortcut of connet.bat in “X:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup”. With this all the shortcuts u place Here will be starting its applications @ start up. 
• Not only this…. any shortcut (i.e. any application’s) u place it here will be starting @ startup. 
Step 3: 
• Now u need to set u r application like uTorrent or Vuze for Downloading or Uploading (i.e. seeding) of files. 
U can get it from or
• U can add u r TORRENT FILES in these Clients to start its process. 
• To start uTorrent @ startup, set it like given below. 
• Set the other setting of uTorrent as given in the figures. 


• If u r using Private Tracker U need to disable (UN Tick) the DHT Network services as given below. 


To set the Scheduler process in uTorrent , set it as given in the below figure. 


Step 4: 
• After Downloading the System need to be Shut Downed Automatically, so u need to set this process as given in below figure. 


Then it will ask to go into sleep instead of shutdown, select CANCEL 


This will make UR System to Start and Stop Downloading or Uploading of Files @ a specified Time Interval. 
Download this manual from below link: