What is the thumbs.db File??? How to remove it?

In Windows we often see an automatically created Thumbs.db file in folders containing images. People often panic thinking its a virus file and scan drives. Well, nothing to worry about it’s just a cache of the thumbnail pictures in that folder.

It speeds up the showing of thumbnails when we are viewing the the folder in “Thumbnail view”. The only problem with the thumbs.db file is it eats the disk space, but in most cases the file size is pretty small, hardly 10-15 KB. If you have lots of such thumbs.db file littering in your PC then you can remove it safely using the follow steps.

To stop creating the thumbs.db file automatically follow these steps:

1] Open “My Computer”

2] Goto Tools > Folder Options > click the “View” tab.

3] Place a check on the option ” Do not cache thumbnails” and press “Ok”.

Thats it! You’re done.

Next step is to search for all the thumbs.db file and delete them.

1] Now, Goto Start> Search > select Files and folder.

2] Enter “thumbs.db” in the search box

3] In “Look in” Drop down menu select” All Hard Drives” and press ” Search”.

4] A long list of thumbs.db files will appear, Select all and “delete”.